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Should Video Marketing be in the Media Mix?

Posted in Uncategorized by pmaurer74 on December 21, 2008
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So, what do you think? Is this video marketing ad real? Does it matter? If you think that the company is trying to mislead you by faking a video, does this make you respect the company less? Or since we are skeptical about advertising anyway is it fun for us to try to figure out if it is real? People have gone so far as to prove how this video could be faked. I wonder how many hours have been spent trying to figure it out. Is this good or bad for the company? Videos like this really take a chance messing with the consumer, however it could pay off for them if it generates a lot of attention.

Video marketing is becoming more popular as consumers are spending more time online with websites like YouTube. According to ComScore, Americans watched 9 billion online videos in July of 2007 alone. However, people are checking out more than just YouTube videos, they are watching TV shows and movies online as well. This brings in many opportunities for marketers to advertise online using video marketing.

So, what is so appealing about video marketing? ABI Research predicts that online video users will grow from 563 million in 2008 to over 941 million by 2013. Video marketing is a great media to use because to engages the viewers on many levels, including: site, sound, and motion. Good videos will be shared among family friends via email. This is one of the only forms of media that instigate this kind of response.

So what makes a good video?

1. Great content and quality

2. Effective keywords and descriptions for search engines to find the video

3. A good thumbnail to peak the viewers interest

4. Good marketing

5. Engage the quickly, 50% of viewers leave after the first 60 seconds and 10% after the first few seconds

Do you think an mature YouTube type look is more affective than a professional video? I think it depends on what you are doing.  For instance, a college might consider a YouTube style video to show a day in the life of a student, however they may consider using a professional quality video to highlight the college itself and its programs. Videos can be used for more than just advertising. Videos can be used for training, customer service, public relations, or public service announcements.

Video marketing is a great way to engage consumers. It is one of the most powerful media used to evoke emotion from the viewer, making them laugh or cry while still telling the marketing message. (Tubemogul, 2007)

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