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So, What’s New for 2009?

Posted in Uncategorized by pmaurer74 on December 22, 2008
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Since the end of the year is coming upon us quickly, blogs and articles are flooding my inbox with horoscopes into the future of New Media. Some earlier predictions in the year came true and others did not due to the current economic situation. This post gleans some interesting points from a few articles that have different opinions.

Steve Rubel believes that we will be completely digital within five years. or almost completely digital. An example of this is the declining print newspaper and along with it, its ad revenues. The newspaper’s competitor is now products like the Kindle which is sold out until Februaries. Newspapers and magazines need to embrace this type of technology and take advantage of it before it’s too late. Artwork will no longer be static. Marketers will be able to program their ads to change depending upon if the viewer has already seen the ad on a different site.

Pete Blackshaw predicts that users will be sick and tired of social media and every gadget and widget that comes along. the novelty of the coolness of the applications that are fun to play with like toys on Christmas morning, are no longer played with by the New Year’s day. Blackshaw believes that marketing will go back to the basics of advertising and connecting with customers. He says that having real conversations will customers will win out of virtual ones. Diversity will become a necessity in advertising as well as companies reinforcing their trustworthiness as consumers are becoming skeptical of the company’ ethics that they are doing business with. Mobile phones and PDAs will continue to make marketing available to the consumer anywhere at any time.

Andrew Hampp forecasts that radio will continue to make the transition into the digital realm. Online radio advertising revenue has grown 9 % to $1.34 billion in the first three quarters of 2008. Clear Channel, one of the top two radio groups, said that it had a 24% audience growth in 2008 reaching 20 million listeners.

I think that in 2009 we will see a crunch in spending in the adveritsing market. Every day there are articles about hundreds of layoffs in the advertising industry. Companies will expect more money out of their marketing and may try some home grown efforts with the internet and social marketing. I see a lot of articles on how to market on social networks so we will be seeing more out of that area for awhile. I believe that there will be a huge growth in mobile marketing in the next few years. As kids spend more time online and at home playing games, there will continue to be more advergaming as a result.  Companies need to spend 2009 getting to know their consumers again and encourage them to interact with them.

Happy New Year and a great 2009!

For more information on the above articles, please read:

For Radio, Digital Moves Pay Off in 2008 by Andrew Hampp

Consumers to Suffer from Social Media Indigestion in 2009 by Pete Blackshaw

How Digital Media Will Deliver Tangible Benefits by Steve Rubel


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