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The future is in the palm of our ear?

Posted in Uncategorized by pmaurer74 on October 26, 2008

Websites are this generation’s most powerful form of media. At one time not too long ago, it was newspapers, then came radio, then TV, and now the internet. I wonder what will be next? Advertising being downloaded with the latest weather and news into our ear gadget that is connected to our brains like this episode of Dr. Who?

For now websites are a very powerful resource when used correctly. According to this article, today over 50% of people do online research before making purchases. This is quite significant. Some people may look at magazines, see and ad on TV or hear something on the radio that may drive them to making a purchase. However, the larger the purchase, the more time spent online doing research. As mentioned in this article, I agree with the image of the website being the interactive marketing wheel with other new media as spokes: blogs, widgets, banner ads, RSS feeds, social marketing, adver-gaming, etc.

Other thoughts are that unlike other media, websites are one place where a company can gather all the information about their company, products, goals, and contact information all into one place. Websites also can be updated real time for consumers to see and use. Other forms of media could take week or months to update.

Another form of media that is on the rise is social marketing. Next time you go to update your Facebook or MySpace profile, keep in mind that you may be giving marketing companies important information about yourself that aligns with the target audience they are seeking. From entries you make about yourself, companies can interpret that you are a young republican female at WVU that plays volleyball. Kinda scary huh? According to this article on social marketing, 24% of companies already use social marketing in 2008.


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Hello my name is Patti and I am a graduate student in the Integrated Marketing Communications program at West Virginia University.  My background has been primarily in web design and graphic design with some marketing. This blog is a documentary of my journey through the exploration of new media in marketing communications. This blog will discuss various forms of new media including: websites, blogs, bluetooth, widgets, banner ads, etc. I welcome any comments or input from you. Thank you for reading my blog. Patti